Silence, Legion. Save Your Poison.

Silence, Legion. Save Your Poison.

I am Kim Alberto, artist, poet, inconsistent daydreamer who sips over coffee on the sidewalk while heaving thick strokes on the murderbook.

I love swirls and pointless conversations. I believe in extraterrestrials and fairytales and deja vu.

I unwind in this domain and I'm here to live forever... <3

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I did Thranduil! Yay!

You know you love me. *wink* #fabulous #fanart #thehobbit #thranduil #leepace

Guess who did my nails..

I’m concerned with Yumi’s TV habits. It’s like she’s doing yoga while watching. #weird #ranting #couchpotato

I couldn’t resist on drawing Adele Exarchopoulos after watching Blue is the Warmest Colour. My sister suggested her as well. However that feedback on Hannibal is remarkable I’m gonna have to make more when I have the time.

Mads Mikkelsen. Because my sister and I were big fans of NBC’s Hannibal. And I’m sorry about using his screencap in “The Hunt”. I jut thought he looked hot with his hair down in every single one of his fight scenes.

So I found this. The thing is, I haven’t watched the movie nor read the book. Oh hell, I have a thing with film-related stuff anyway.

I’m taking a break from work and I’m receiving alien messages from my headphones. Oh the hell with it. Guess who? #art #fanart #instaart

Heather Mason of Silent Hill 3. Another fan art I’ve crossed out my list.

I was a little fed up with my work and thought, “Hey, why don’t I make a quick sketch of Lea Seydoux? She’s so pretty.” So there. Then I began seeing things like she’s coming to a slight smirk because I can’t do her hair right.