Silence, Legion. Save Your Poison.

Silence, Legion. Save Your Poison.

I am Kim Alberto, artist, poet, inconsistent daydreamer who sips over coffee on the sidewalk while heaving thick strokes on the murderbook.

I love swirls and pointless conversations. I believe in extraterrestrials and fairytales and deja vu.

I unwind in this domain and I'm here to live forever... <3

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Iluvsyous electronica. #electronic #music #triphop #downtempo #artwork #girlart #cgart #digitalart

Practice sketch for October 7, 2014.

I made a commission page because I’m bad at promoting it. Any chance someone’s interested please contact me at 

When you knew you wrote this about 8 years ago and then you went through the same thing again. It’s pretty though. When something triggers you to write in a moment and find acceptance in the next. #musings #depression #prose #betrayal

Lolo and lola. XD

I’ve ripped Axis Powers Hetalia for Miss Hungary. #costume #cosplay #Hungary #Hetalia

Title came while listening to Hugo’s Dark Days.

Been trying to upload this for days. I’m still open for commissions. Just note me or email me at

Practice sketch for Sept. 16, 3014. 

I’m supposed to be a ginger. My hair’s a bit orange and cut a bit shorter than I requested. Fine, at least I could still wear a beanie. #shorthair #selfie #makeover