Silence, Legion. Save Your Poison.

Silence, Legion. Save Your Poison.

I am Kim Alberto, artist, poet, inconsistent daydreamer who sips over coffee on the sidewalk while heaving thick strokes on the murderbook.

I love swirls and pointless conversations. I believe in extraterrestrials and fairytales and deja vu.

I unwind in this domain and I'm here to live forever... <3

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Something’s wrong. Now I feel lazyyyy… #wip #wipoftheday #wintersoldier #sebastianstan

Alam mo bang muntikan na kitang apakan kagabi? Nakahiga ka pa sa bag ko. Kinunan na lang kita ng picture. <3

Had to sketch just to see how I’d do with the new wacom tablet. It works like crap on photoshop yet it worked perfectly on sai. Now I have to reinstall. #wip #artwork #photoshop #wacom


Feeling ate si bunso. <3

Yumi’s note on my pc monitor.

Yup. Too haywire bachelorette. Yet I had to take a photo of my back because f**k you the shirt was pretty.

Weird. Sakura Ando. It’s like looking at myself.

I know I shouldn’t make fun of Yumi while she struggles in tagalog but this is epic. XD

This book is hard to read. It’s old, and I’ve torn a page just by flipping it. And yet I’d rather read Dostoyevsky from a book rather than from an android phone.